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Thread: Not seeing proper folders in Tortoise SVN

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    Not seeing proper folders in Tortoise SVN

    I'm very new to SVN. I have configured tortoise SVN(SubEclipse) in my Eclipse IDE. When I checkout a project from SVN it creates an extra folder in my drive that contains alll the jars needed to run the app.
    My question is that why am I not able to view this folder in the repo browser?

    Please respond.

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    TortoiseSVN & Subclipse are completely separate pieces of software. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they're both Subversion clients. Please be very clear about what software you're actually using and where.

    If you're seeing items locally which do not exist in your repository, they're either being created automatically by Eclipse (does your project auto-build?), or they're being pulled in from another location via an svn:externals definition.
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