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Thread: how to upgrade ubersvn with access control?

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    Arrow how to upgrade ubersvn with access control?

    i m using uber svn earlier beta version where i felt bad experience with path based access control in current release they added access control.
    now i want to add this access control application to my earlier beta version.can i do it with out re-installing complete uber. And they are saying uber svn as a free ware weather they provide complete uber apps also as a free ware or not.

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    Downloading and installing the available updates will mean you won't have to reinstall uberSVN but you do need to be on a version that supports uberAPPS. What version are you on currently? uberAPPS is a store front where you can select apps to install, many of them are free but there is also the option to purchase paid-for apps through uberAPPS.



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