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Thread: Give us your feedback on the uberAPPS store

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    Give us your feedback on the uberAPPS store

    We hope you are enjoying using uberSVN and uberAPPS! We've had some great feedback so far, but now we need your help to make the uberAPPS experience even better. Is there a particular app that would be a perfect fit for your uberSVN installation? Or an ALM component that would make your life easier? We've created a quick and easy online poll for our users, so we can continue to bring the uberSVN community the functionality they need.

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    is path based authorization is full filled by access control application and i want to know weather uber apps are free or not?

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    Your questions were answered in this thread. However today's release of uberSVN allows you to sign up for an Access Control trial via uberApps. This *does* allow path based authorisation.
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