Hello All, and thank you in advance for any assistance your can supply.

I have an Ubuntu 10.04 desktop installed on my computer, and I'm attempting to set up authentication on one of my already existing SVN repositories. In my svnserve.conf, I have changed the following:

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd.svn
realm = my_project
and in my passwd.svn,

myusername = 123456
No matter how I try to connect to the SVN repository, using different methods (Tortise SVN, command line, etc), and different OS's (Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows XP, Windows 7), I can always connect, update, commit, and to my knowledge, run every SVN command without the server once asking me for authentication (user & pass).

I've tried changing the users & passes, the configuration files, literally everything I can think of, but to no avail.

Thank you in advance,