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Thread: Backup all system

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    Smile Backup all system


    I am working with uberSVN and I am really interested in this system. I just have only wonder that how can I backup all of system. I want to backup all information such as repositories, user, team, system configuration .... For that when I re install my computer everything can be recovered easily.


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    Hi Sectic,

    We have a feature coming very soon which will allow you to back-up all settings within uberSVN from the Admin tab (You may even see it if you have a very recent installation), and there are options to manually export repositories themselves from the repositories page. In the future there is a suggestion of a tool which will allow you to schedule these backups and make them automatically - Please feel free to add your vote if this is an important feature for you:

    Best Wishes,

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    Hi Ian Wild,
    It is great to hear that from you. I think the backup setting for system and export repositories is convenient enough. But if you can support all of them just by a click for whole system and data, it should be a genius function. Let imagine about an image of VMWare. User just need to click a button and they have a package. When User have plan to move to another server they just need to install your system and click another button to restore completely from that package.

    Thanks for quick support.


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