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Thread: VisualSVN Server , Windows 7 and Apache Problem

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    VisualSVN Server , Windows 7 and Apache Problem

    Hi. I am running Visual SVN Server(with Apache) on a Windows 7 computer and network. After about 15-20 minutes of my first commit/update, I am unable to access the repository via Tortoise SVN.

    The error message I get is:
    OPTIONS of "https://jason/svn/repository1": could not connect to server (https://jason)

    Restarting the Visual SVN Server service helps sometimes but fails quite often. The only sure-shot way to get it working is to restart the computer. The server - https://jason is also not accessible via the browser when I get this error

    1) I tried reinstalling Windows 7, Visual SVN server and Tortoise SVN but I still keep getting this error.

    2) I searched several forums but I dont seem to be able to find an answer.

    Please help.

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    No need to install/Configure Apache with VisualSVN.
    Visual SVN is a complete package with proper Windows administration interface for subversion and Subversion/Apache/LDAP.. already within Visual SVN.

    I would recommend you to Simply do a Fresh installation of VSVN and You may use Tortoise SVN for your convenience at Server and Client as well.

    Secondary I have installed Visual SVN on Windows Server 2003/08 and run/access as well ::>> It superbly go satisfactory.

    If you still have any Query,please ask.


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    The error message I get is:
    OPTIONS of "https://jason/svn/repository1": could not connect to server (https://jason)
    are you able to ping the machine when you get this error?
    are you running some firewall?
    I would suggest using IP address that's just for confirmation.
    Vishwajeet Singh
    Happy Moving is EZ-Moving

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