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Thread: Error reading spooled REPORT request response

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    Error reading spooled REPORT request response


    I'm trying to 3-way merge an update from a vendor branch into my working copy, using something like the following incantation (or it's equivalent in TortoiseSVN):

    svn merge --ignore-ancestry http://repository/vendor/lib/v1 http://repository/vendor/lib/v2 C:\WC\lib\

    However every time I try it, --dry-run or not, it fails. Never on the same file, sometimes on a GET, sometimes on a PROPFIND and always finishing the error report with:
    could not connect to server (http://istar-server)
    Error reading spooled REPORT request response

    I'm about half way through a full checkout of the repository, so am reasonably sure it's not a trivial network/server issue.

    Any ideas, or things to try would be very appreciated.


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    You may want to try upgrading your client. I believe this is down to a bug in 1.5.5.


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