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How to properly configure group access

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  • How to properly configure group access

    Unfortunately I am pretty new to Subversion and its configurations. At this time I have Subversion installed and running as a windows service on a Windows 2003 server. All of my users on the the network access it by using Tortoise. It has been successfully running for over a year now. Just recently we have begun to allow a member of our marketing team to make changes to the code for the website. To ensure this user had not rights to view or change any source for any other active or past project I created a separate repository to house the code they need to view/change.
    From what I read I was able to see that you can separate users access by using the authz file. However, I cannot figure out the proper configuration for it. I have made a few changes and attempts and every time I use it my users get a Authorization Failed message in Tortoise. Any help provided would be great. Here is a sample of my authz file (I am sure it is mangled and all wrong).
    devel = Jim, Jake
    admin = John, George
    market = Julian
    # [/foo/bar]
    # harry = rw
    # * =
    @devel = rw
    @admin = rw
    @market =
    # * = r
    @devel =
    @admin = rw
    @market = rw

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    Sorry for the basic question.

    I was able to find out the answer. I was trying to use multiple methods in my authz file. I did it using basic config specifying each individual user and was able to accomplish my goal.