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Commit data not visible to other users

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  • Commit data not visible to other users


    The problem is one of our users add a new function in his source code and commit the data. When the other user is taking the update of the same committed code, then that newly added function is not visible to the latter. If i cut that particular file from the same code and took update, then that function is visible but it is a temporary solution as i have to add each and every file manually.

    Could anyone can help me out to display the committed file after update without any missing syntax or function.

    Thanks in advance

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    Make sure both users are referencing the same URL in their working copies. This is the most common reason for this "problem" - people are committing to a different URL than others are reading from.

    Also, when the other users perform their updates, watch out for conflicts. If there are any, you will need to resolve them before things look right.