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Import of svn hosted eclipse projects into eclipse Galileo on WIN 64 bit system...

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  • Import of svn hosted eclipse projects into eclipse Galileo on WIN 64 bit system...

    Windows 7(64)
    Tortoise version 1.7.4(64)
    Eclipse Galileo (32) w/Subclipse plugin

    Not sure how to search for this, my guess is it's been asked at least a couple of times before so please forgive me if so....
    With the environment stated above I checkout my code from our repository using the tortoise command line, works great. Didn't even realize tortoise had command line tools (but same issue outlined below using GUI so it's not a CLI problem).

    Using Windows File Explorer I can clearly see that the checked out projects are recognized as svn controlled assets.


    1) Open Eclipse, import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace
    2) navigate to root directory, import dialog shows all recognized eclipse projects from this location,
    3) select what I want, OK

    Projects are imported but none of the projects or contained source files are attached to svn meta data so I can't interact with the svn ui through eclipse, all such work has to be administered through the file system.

    Anyone know what problem is? More importantly if there's a fix for this? I'm stuck on this version of Eclipse for the time being so factoring this out of the mix at this point is not possible. I've updated all that I'm aware of to latest available versions of plugins.

    On a side note, I am able to use the subclipse plugin directly out of eclipse to manage the svn repositories so my assumption is it's a conflict between subclipse and tortoise 1.7 (64) ?

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    Your version of Subclipse may be based on Subversion 1.6, which does not understand the new Subversion 1.7 working copy format.

    Try using Subclipse to check out the project instead of using Tortoise.