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Unable to updare the uberSVN

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  • Unable to updare the uberSVN

    i always find the ubersvn reporting new updates are available. But after downloading and installing update, portal stucks on web page uberSVN

    update in progress
    uberSVN needs to restart to complete the installation, give us about a minute before you log back in.

    There is a button Take Me Home, which also not work. portal only work when i reboot my machine and in update windows update is reflected as Install in progress and it never updates my uberSVN.

    Please suggest any idea to sort out this. I am using the windows machine..


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    Hi there,

    Can you give us a little more info about your environment please? What version of uberSVN are you on now and which version are you trying to move to? When you click the 'Take Me Home' button what address is it trying to take you to?

    Any other info you can give will help us fix this for you.



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      And if there is one, can you post your PackageTool_out log, which you should find in C:\Program Files\WANdisco\uberSVN\data\logs ?


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        Thanks for the reply.

        I am running uberSVN on Windows Vista. Please let me know how do i check the version installed.

        When i clink Take Me Home that redirects me to same URL only. I need to to restart the full SVN Server tnem only i am able login back to uberSVn.

        Snapshot is attached for the same.

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          PackageTool_out log is uploaded for the reference.
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            Originally posted by Er_bhambra View Post
            Please let me know how do i check the version installed.
            You can see the currently installed version on the bottom right hand corner of the screen when logged in, it will say something like '- #12.1-8654 SVN - 1.6'


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              Hello Mand

              On bottom right Hand corner its displaying: WANdisco 2011 - #11.8-7270