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SubWCRev always returns revision = 0

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  • SubWCRev always returns revision = 0

    Every time I run SubWCRev it returns immediately stating that the project is at revision: 0. I don't get any error messages, just an incorrect result. I am able to perform other svn functions (check out, commit, examine logs, browse repos), but this function fails every time. Since my project uses SubWCRev to build a version header file each time I build, I must resolve this or defeat the autmatic generation of this header. (None of the parameters that SubWCRev should replace in the template file are actually replaced.) The same project builds just fine on my colleague's machine, so I think it must be some issue related to my installation of TortoiseSVN. But I can't seem to find anything related to this on the online. I wonder if anyone else here has experience with this?

    A little more detail:
    - OS is Windows XP SP3
    - TortoiseSVN version 1.7.6
    - VisualStudio 2010

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.