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password entering two times needed

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  • password entering two times needed

    On using 'svn checkout ...' I have to provide the password two times for any reason. This is the case if I start svnserve as a daemon or if I start it as an inet process. As long as I use svn with a console client it doesn't matter. But if I want to use it with e.g. subclipse, the password is probably provided only once. The server waits for the second password and the client waits for data. Has anyone an idea why this happens and how to solve the problem?

    The hole history of this story can also be read in my topic of 'malformed network data'.

    I'm thankful for any help.

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    I think this is (kind of) a feature. Subversion connects twice, so it can fetch some data in parallel. There was a fairly recent thread about this on one of the svn-devel|svn-users lists, you might want to search the archives.


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      I got it.
      Now it's working. I solved the problem by using putty, plink and pageant. I generated a private-public keypair and provided an automatic login by using this. For all who are interested in this solution, there is a very helpful link.

      Thanks for the help I've got.