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Commits always take 3 minutes

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  • Commits always take 3 minutes

    Just installed uberSVN 1.6.17 and TortoiseSVN client 1.7.6.

    All works fine except that a commit always takes 3 minutes and a few seconds. Files are rather small. Makes no difference if I commit a single or multiple files.

    Can't find anything in setups that would correspond to this.

    Anyone else run into this or something similar?

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    How much free memory does your server have?

    Do you have any hook scripts configured on the server?

    How is your storage configured? Is it a local physical disk, a volume mounted from a SAN, other?


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      Memory is low 2G total, 43M free. There is also a Vertex appache server running on same machine. When I shutdown the Vertex server and freed up more memory commits still took 3 min.

      The only hooks I could find are the standard uberSVN POST-COMMIT executing commithook.jar. No custom code was added.

      As for storage, it is on a virtual machine & using (what appears to the OS as) local disks. These disks in reality are allocated to VMware from SAN.

      And just an FYI, svn Updates on client or locking files only takes a second.


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        I've had quite a bit of trouble with disk latency due to SAN configuration causing slowdowns with both updates and commits. There is no one SAN configuration which is tuned to optimize all workloads - you really need to make sure that your SAN is properly configured for the workload you're putting on it. That may mean having multiple shelves or devices, each tweaked to support a particular workload (file server, database, etc.).

        You definitely need more memory on that system. You may have a few MB free now, but once Apache starts doing its thing it uses both temp disk space and a bunch of additional memory. Crank the VM up to 4GB & see what happens.


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          Sorry to say the fix was to install CollabNet Edge SVN. No changes or upgrades to hardware were done. Commits now take 1-2 seconds.