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tracking svn files to a database

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  • tracking svn files to a database

    Hey guys, I don't have much experience with svn but I'm working with a group using svn that is using svn for a file repository. We are using tortise svn for the clients and ubersvn for the server.
    We need a way to attach extra information to files that can be searched or organized. The most important being wether the file has been aproved by the lead(other things like uploaded and such would be useful, but as there are ways we can currently view that information its not really that important). Previously, we were simply renaming the files or moving them when they were aproved, but this caused issues with links between different files. So it would seem the best option would be if we could somehow record this to a database or spreadsheet somehow, where everytime a file is uploaded to the specific directory(and any recursive directories) it automatically prints the file to a new row and give has a column where things such as aproval could be tracked.
    I have a little experience with java and sql, but its been a few years since i have had to use them, and I have almost no experience with svn, so I'm not sure how all the versions and revisions would affect things, so I would prefer and option that wont involve a lot, if any, scripting or programingm, but I'm not sure if one even exsists. So I was wondering if anyone is aware of some form or open source or relatively cheap program which could be setup to do something like that. I checked with the guy who manages the svn system and nothing really came to mind for him, and I have been searching for a few days, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere, or really know what I even need to be searching for.
    So if anyone can recommend some software, or even point me in a direction to search that would be really useful. I probably should point out that all of this is mainly being used by artists not programmers or similar more technical minded people, so if there is a simple solution that would really make things easier.
    I really apreciate any help anyone can spare, thanks guys.