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  1. Is svnsync good enough?

    At WANdisco we offer a clustered Subversion solution which provides both Read AND Write access to replicated repositories hosted over multiple nodes. Our products are already in use within many large enterprise shops, where the value of replicating the repository in this active-active way is obvious. But one of the questions we hear most often is whether synsync and the Write-through proxy can deliver the same benefits as WANdisco without the additional cost of a third party solution?

    Updated 06-27-2011 at 09:21 AM by mpoole

  2. Subversion 1.7.0 Alpha packages now available!

    Please remember that Subversion 1.7.0 Alpha is for testing only do not install this on a production machine.

    Source code and official site:
    Release notes:
    Change log:

    WANdisco have created Subversion 1.7.0 Alpha packages for:
    • CentOS 5

    • RHEL 5

    We plan to have Windows and Ubuntu support ...

    Updated 06-13-2011 at 04:53 PM by mpoole

  3. Windows 7: Bogus ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT error

    Subversion performs a lot of tricks, on the both client and server, to keep your data safe. Even in the event of a random power failure or bug in the program, Subversion is designed to make sure your data isn't lost. One of the most common tricks Subversion uses is to take advantage of the underlying operating system's "atomic file move" APIs to make sure a file is never half-written to disk. By first writing a temporary file, and then atomically moving that file into the correct location, ...
  4. Subversion 1.6.17 packages available for Mac OS X

    WANdisco have now released Subversion packages for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

    Click here to Download Subversion for Mac OS X