Performance, Scalability, Availability for Globally Distributed Subversion

SVN MultiSite enables LAN-speed collaboration between distributed teams at large, global organizations using Apache Subversion, allowing them to work as if they were all at one location. With SVN MultiSite, all repositories are fully readable, writeable and continuously in sync. By leveraging WANdisco’s patented replication technology, not only are downtime and data loss eliminated, but merge conflicts and other issues are identified and resolved when they occur, instead of days later. These capabilities result in shorter development cycles, higher quality and lower cost. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of a Fortune 500 company using SVN MultiSite revealed a 357% return on investment (ROI) with a two-month payback period.

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Key Features

  • Works over a WAN between locations thousands of miles apart. Subversion servers synchronize automatically with their peers at other sites on every commit or other write operation. Subversion repositories connected over a WAN become mirrors of each other
  • Users at every location experience LAN-speed performance
  • Developers at every location have access to the latest changes regardless of where they originated
  • Update conflicts and other problems are resolved when they occur, instead of days or weeks later, eliminating QA and rework
  • Transparent implementation requires no retraining so developers and administrators can use familiar Subversion clients and tools
  • Follow-the-sun option allows performance to be optimized for each location's peak working hours
  • Continuous hot backup and self-healing capabilities automate business continuity, automatically routing users to the closest location with available servers during an outage
  • Can be implemented with a single server at each site, or installations of SVN Clustering at each location can be combined into a global WAN Cluster
  • All servers can be monitored and administered from a single location
  • There are no passive standby servers. All servers are active peers simultaneously supporting user requests
  • Parallel transaction processing – each repository has its own transaction queue. This allows replicated transactions to be processed in parallel across multiple repositories for improved performance and tighter control in large development groups
  • Silent installer – non-GUI installer automates deployment for faster implementation and minimal downtime when new servers are added
  • Automated failover and recovery capabilities eliminate downtime and lost productivity during server maintenance, enabling 24/7 operation
Feature/Benefit Description SVN MultiSite Plus SVN MultiSite (V4.2)
Patented Active-Active Replication Technology Automatically synchronizes Subversion repositories with every update, regardless of where changes originate (based on WANdisco's patented DConE technology)

Conflicts are identified and resolved when they occur, not days later. "Split-brain" is impossible
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LAN-speed Performance over WANs Globally distributed development teams enjoy LAN-speed performance for both read and write operations and collaborate as if they were all at one location checkmark checkmark
No Single Point of Failure (SPOF) Peer-to-peer architecture means no central server; all sites are equal peers. If sites or servers go offline, the rest remain fully operational for all users checkmark checkmark
High Availability / Automated Disaster Recovery Patented DConE technology delivers continuous hot backup by default. This is leveraged to provide Automated Recovery with Immediate Failover for 100% uptime

Eliminates downtime for unplanned outages as well as scheduled maintenance
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Administration Install, deploy and manage Subversion repository replication worldwide from a single location

Transaction dashboard with diagnostic tools proactively monitor status at each site
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Improves Performance 90% reduction in communication overhead at each site because replication is implemented at Subversion's file system layer

Significantly improves performance for larger implementations
Repository Level Replication Fine grained control of replication of repositories between sites for security, flexibility and efficiency checkmark  
Dynamic Replication Group Evolution Ability to add/remove servers and repositories on-the-fly without affecting current users checkmark  
Configurable Quorum Schema New node types enable increased availability and deployment flexibility for more efficient use of IT infrastructure checkmark  
Support for All Subversion Protocols Leverages investments in existing clients and utilities and enables significant cost savings through tools consolidation checkmark