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SmartSVN is a graphical Subversion (SVN) client that enables developers to work faster and smarter with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface. Developers are able to view the state of a project at a glance with the use of visual indicators rather than a text-based interface, which speeds progress and reduces conflicts.

See SmartSVN Features

  • Tag and branch support+
  • Conflict Solver+
  • Incoming and outgoing change markers+
  • Revision graph
  • Shell integration
  • File compare
  • Properties support
  • Transaction views
  • Powerful commit wizard
  • Commit Wizard JIRA and Trac integration+
  • Change Sets+
  • Repository Browser
  • Change Report+
  • Log
  • Output View
  • Plugin-API+
  • xMerge add-on

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