That uber buzz, the uberApps one-stop shop for developers, Bally Technologies change the game and free training for Jenkins!

The uber buzz grows louder!

Everyone is buzzing at WANdisco right now fresh from the brilliant OSCON 2011 conference in Portland, Oregon. A few years ago the open source get together was a little flat but with around 2,500 delegates in town for OSCON this summer it was great to get together with like minded creative movers from the industry. And it seems our own announcements made a big impact too! Feedback from users of uberSVN is really encouraging but we know that we're only at the beginning of a very exciting journey. Launching the uberApps store was another important step forward and we were also delighted to announce our partnership with CloudBees to offer the Jenkins build server within uberSVN. If you haven't downloaded our open ALM platform for Subversion yet you really are missing out!

David Richards
President and CEO

uberApps - a one-stop shop for developers

Free and paid for application lifecycle management (ALM) products for Apache Subversion are now available through WANdisco's unique uberApps store. Integrated into uberSVN, the new store includes apps such as Assembla, CornerStone, SonarSource, CloudBees and uTest, to cater to client-identified needs. uberApps enables one-stop assembly of complete software lifecycle management solutions for the enterprise from any number of WANdisco’s uberApps partners. With one-click to purchase and one more click to install, IT departments can deploy the certified applications they need, when they need them. uberApps also means users get incredibly easy automatic updates and the store also facilitates incredibly fast and efficient discovery of applications.

WANdisco earns coveted 'Made in Sheffield' mark

We are proud to be the only software vendor to be awarded the prestigious Made in Sheffield® mark for our work in software development and commitment to the future of open source. Sheffield in England is a name synonymous with quality production, so much so that the Made in Sheffield trademark is registered in many countries around the world. WANdisco moved its European centre from London to Sheffield in 2008 and has since created around 30 jobs in the region. Our uberSVN product was designed and developed in the city qualifying WANdisco for the mark. Full story  

Rapid Deployment of uberSVN in the Enterprise

One of the early success stories from uberSVN has been that of Bally Technologies. The leading global gaming company has reduced developer downtime and administration requirements, and improved developer productivity. "Prior to uberSVN, we needed IT admin support to manage Subversion users and repositories. Now our gaming systems developers can do it themselves. New users and repositories are up and running in a matter of minutes instead of days. This self-sufficiency has proven to be extremely helpful in reacting quickly to the needs of our developers, especially at remote locations where there’s no Subversion administrator on site," said Bill Wadleigh, Development Studio Lead at Bally Technologies.

Other developers actively using uberSVN in the enterprise have said:

"Gr8 Product...Was looking for this for years" - Alok Prasad

"Great work, very easy install so now I can focus on coding instead of on installing svn again ;). Really nice GUI" - AKevin Van Ryckegem

"uberSVN was a pleasant surprise. It is a formidable tool" - AAllan Ocampo Vargas

Jenkins joins the uberSVN family

Our new partnership with CloudBees is another major addition to uberSVN; offering number one open source continuous integration (build) server, Jenkins to the platform. Project managers can download Jenkins, together with enterprise support, from uberApps after the Subversion community identified Jenkins as its favourite build server. The easy-to-use continuous integration system manages and controls application development lifecycles, including build, documentation, testing, and packaging. It can watch for code changes in uberSVN repositories, and automatically do builds, initiate tests, notify users, roll changes backward or forward, schedule, monitor, and manage external time-based cron jobs, and perform operations on remote machines.

"We're very excited about this new partnership with WANdisco," said Sacha Labourey, Founder & CEO of CloudBees. "uberSVN is a unique offering in the market and when combined with CloudBees' Jenkins-based continuous integration solutions, it provides an incredibly easy way for uberSVN users to deploy and use Jenkins either on-premise or in the cloud with the assurance of support."

Free webinar to help you deploy Jenkins

CloudBees and WANdisco have also teamed up to show you how to deploy Jenkins with uberSVN. Learn how to watch for code changes in Subversion repositories, automatically perform builds, initiate tests, notify users of results, roll changes backward or forward, configure Jenkins to schedule, monitor, and manage external jobs, and perform operations on remote servers. There will also be an opportunity to hear from customers who have deployed uberSVN in production and webinar participants are advised to download Jenkins for uberSVN free of charge through uberApps. This special webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 14 – register now as places are limited: Register Now  

Assembla: WANdisco's Preferred Subversion Cloud Provider

If you are looking for a solution to host Apache Subversion in the cloud then WANdisco suggests that you look no further than Assembla - our chosen partner for hosting solutions. Assembla provides on-demand tools for issue and bug tracking and project collaboration as well as code repositories for Subversion with integrated security. Obviously WANdisco recommends all enterprise Subversion users deploy the most reliable solutions available, and Assembla Subversion hosting stores your data on redundant systems with failover and backup to Amazon's secure datacenters. Assembla also uses WANdisco's fully tested binaries in the Subversion solutions and will soon be adding some exciting new products to the uberApps store. If you want to explore Assembla's hosted offerings go to: See Special Offers.  

More progress on SVN 1.7

Hyrum Wright, WANdisco's Director of Open Source and the release manager for the Apache Subversion open source project, updates us on the much anticipated Subversion 1.7 release: "The 1.7 release of Apache Subversion continues to make progress. The open source community recently released the third beta, and plans to begin releasing release candidates soon, with an eye toward a late-September final release. WANdisco engineers have contributed to testing and fixing bugs and are starting to plan features for the next release. Please take the time to download and test the latest preleases, binaries of which are available for your platform here To keep up-to-date with the latest on SVN 1.7 check out Hyrum's blog: Read Hyrum's Blog  

Many more free training opportunities!

As well as the Jenkins webinar there are many more opportunities for developers, administrators and IT managers to sharpen Subversion skills between now and the end of the year. Our regular webinars have now been moved to Thursday's following feedback from the Subversion community and we offer numerous established courses on SVN as well as new additions to enhance your use of uberSVN. These are free webinars but we recommend early registration to avoid disappointment -  

Need uber support? You know where to come!

So you've downloaded uberSVN for free, it's made life easier on a number of levels but you want to rely on professional support for your Subversion set-up... well WANdisco's renowned professional support services have been expanded to cover the uberSVN platform. WANdisco is uniquely placed to meet the needs of large development organizations that want to use open source software, but require the security provided by a commercial software support contract. Our professional support for uberSVN gives development teams added confidence. For complete information visit:

WANdisco, Inc., 5000 Executive Parkway, Suite 510, San Ramon, CA 94583