Automating ALM with Jenkins in the uberSVN Platform


WANdisco has partnered with CloudBees to integrate the popular open source Jenkins build server – the Subversion community’s first choice for continuous integration with over 25,000 installations – with its free open ALM Platform, uberSVN

During this free webinar, CloudBees and WANdisco will show you how to deploy Jenkins with uberSVN. You will learn how to watch for code changes in Subversion repositories, automatically perform builds, initiate tests, notify users of results, and roll changes backward or forward. You will also learn how to configure Jenkins to schedule, monitor, and manage external jobs, and perform operations on remote servers.   You’ll also hear from customers who have deployed uberSVN in production.

You are welcome to download Jenkins for uberSVN free of charge through uberApps, WANdisco’s new easy-access online marketplace for software development tools. Professional support for Jenkins will be available for purchase through uberApps, as will Nectar, CloudBees’ highly scalable version of Jenkins for large global development teams. 


About the Host – Tim Anderson

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58 minutes