Unify development teams across time zones and locations

SVN MultiSite uses WANdisco’s patented replication technology to eliminate the single point of failure, performance bottleneck and WAN latency of typical central Subversion server architecture. As a result, globally distributed teams using Apache Subversion work as if they are all in one location and enterprises realize impressive ROI and performance.


uptime guaranteed

for global business continuity


repository synchronization

providing LAN-speed access to the same data at every location



for read and write operations across the enterprise

Key features of SVN MultiSite

SVN MultiSite offers features that enable global business continuity and eliminate the need for third-party backup and recovery solutions.

Automated 24/7 business continuity

Subversion repositories become mirrors of each other, providing continuous hot-backup.

Silent installer

Non-GUI installer automates deployment for faster implementation and minimal downtime when new servers are added.

Optimize performance by region

Follow-the-sun option allows performance to be optimized for each development location's normal working hours.

Flexible implementation

Can be implemented with a single server at each site, or installations of SVN Clustering at each location can be combined into a global WAN Cluster.

Supports all major Subversion clients

Supports: SmartSVN, TortoiseSVN, Subclipse, Subversion command line, and any HTTP client that works with Apache and Subversion. MultiSite does not alter Subversion’s functionality.

Additional features:

  • Real-time repository sync on every commit or other write operation
  • LAN-speed performance at every location
  • Centralized repository administration and management
  • Instant conflict resolution reduces QA and rework
  • Checkouts and all other read operations are local—no WAN traffic is generated
  • Automated backup and recovery eliminates data loss
  • During an outage, users fail over to the closest available server

Unmatched results for any distributed environment

WANdisco’s multi-site products deliver dramatic cost savings over operating with no multi-site solution and using a central Subversion server with remote developers connecting over the WAN.

357% ROI*

Forrester study shows a 357% return on investment with a two-month payback period.

Shorter development cycles

Reduce development time with reductions in QA and rework.

Reduced operational costs

Save on resources with reduced administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage costs.

*Based on Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of a Fortune 500 company

How SVN MultiSite changes the way teams work

SVN MultiSite benefits for developers

Get access to everything you need

Repositories at every site are readable as well as writeable for the entire code base.

Share progress as it's made

No need to hold back commits until the end of the day or week, repositories are always in sync.

No more working in silos

Check in and check out of the same files simultaneously from different locations. Resolve update conflicts as they occur.

Your work is never lost

Recovery is automatic after a network outage or server crash. No manual recovery needed.

Get the job done faster

Experience LAN-speed performance for both read and write operations across all sites.

Eliminate additional workload

No need to setup site-specific branches or extra merge operations to avoid conflicts.

Use the tools you're familiar with

Works with all major Subversion clients with no change to configurations. Subversion MultiSite is written in Java and runs under Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.

SVN MultiSite benefits for administrators

No additional hardware required

Normally installed on the same server as Subversion, or the Apache Web Server used to front-end Subversion at each site.

Easy installation

Intuitive browser interface makes configuration simple. Multiple sites can be up and running in no time.

No change in client configuration

Transparent implementation means client configurations don't change.

No retraining

Works with all major Subversion clients with no configuration changes. Continue using the same tools. Subversion MultiSite is written in Java and runs under Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Automated features for easy administration
  • Automatic disaster recovery with built-in self-healing capabilities. No administrator intervention required.
  • Automatic synchronization for new servers or existing servers brought back online.
  • Automatic replication with each write operation and guaranteed consistency across all sites.
  • No need to set up site-specific branches or extra merge operations to avoid conflicts.
Centralized administration

All sites can be administered from a single location.

SVN MultiSite benefits for managers

Significant savings

Significant cost savings are a result of reductions in: development time, downtime, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage.

More efficient use of global talent

The most talented developers can work together regardless of location resulting in higher quality in less time. When combined with cross-platform SmartSVN, distributed teams use the same interface for even greater productivity – without retraining.

No retraining

No change to Subversion functionality. Teams continue to use the clients and tools they're familiar with.

Peace of mind

No downtime and data loss with automatic failover and recovery – no human intervention or third party backup and recovery solutions required.

Consistent security enforcement

When SVN MultiSite is used with WANdisco's SVN Access Control, the security configuration is replicated to all sites automatically as are any changes. This enables consistent security policy enforcement across all sites.

Proven technology

Fortune Global 1000 companies as well as startups find that WANdisco's MultiSite solutions pay for themselves many times over during the first year of use.

Compare SVN MultiSite to:

WANdisco Central Subversion Server Svnsync Subversion 1.5 Write-Through Proxy Rsync IBM ClearCase MultiSite Perforce Borland Star Team WAN accelerators
No single point of failure checkmark
Self-healing checkmark
Real-time sync checkmark
Bandwidth efficiency checkmark
Easy administration/ operation checkmark
Scalable checkmark checkmark
Hot backup checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Feature SVN Multisite (v4.2) SVN MultiSite Plus
Patented Active-Active Replication Technology checkmark checkmark
LAN-speed Performance over WANs checkmark checkmark
No Single Point of Failure (SPOF) checkmark checkmark
High Availability / Automated Disaster Recovery checkmark checkmark
Administration checkmark checkmark
Further Improves Performance checkmark
Repository Level Replication checkmark
Dynamic Replication Group Evolution checkmark
Configurable Quorum Schema checkmark
Support for All Subversion Protocols checkmark

24/7 expert support worldwide

SVN MultiSite customers receive expert support and maintenance services that cover planning, implementation, upgrades and ongoing usage.

Additional features include:
  • Guaranteed response times with experienced, core Subversion developers on staff
  • Indemnification coverage that protects customers from intellectual property claims
  • 8 hours of free consulting or web-based training

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