WANdisco Fusion

The platform for every distribution, storage, and file system.

WANdisco Fusion is the solution for a dynamic and flexible Hadoop deployment. It uses active-active replication to make a subset of HDFS data available consistently on multiple clusters, even if those clusters don’t use the same Hadoop distribution or storage system. Data silos transform into a global data repository. Standing up new clusters on-premise or in the cloud is a snap, giving you burst expansion capacity as well as instant data protection. WANdisco Fusion gives you the flexibility to build the best Hadoop deployment using the right cluster for the right applications – and lets you adopt new versions of Hadoop without painful upgrades or migrations.



Unified Data, Pluggable Everything Else

Micro Clusters

Quickly stand up micro-clusters in private or public clouds when you need extra processing power. WD Fusion synchronizes data in both directions for easy setup and seamless data exchange.

Need a Specific Distribution or Storage System?

WD Fusion lets you run applications on specific distributions or storage systems and easily exchange data with other clusters running the bulk of your applications.

Painless Upgrades and Migration

Ready to leave behind a legacy cluster but afraid of how long it will take to move data and applications to a new cluster? WD Fusion lets you stand up a new cluster right away and use both clusters while you incrementally migrate applications and users.

The impact of WANdisco Fusion across the enterprise

WANdisco Fusion benefits for Data Scientists and Application Developers

Roll out new business applications and frameworks quickly without impacting product performance

Incorporate the best specialized storage and file system behaviors with low overhead

Avoid interruptions due to migrations or upgrades

WANdisco Fusion benefits for Enterprise Architects and CTOs

Meet performance and data protection SLAs with bimodal or multimodal Hadoop deployments in private or public clouds

Weave a dynamic and innovative Hadoop deployment out of different distributions, versions, storage and file systems

Avoid unnecessary interruptions due to migrations or upgrades – focus on innovation rather than sustainment

WANdisco Fusion benefits for business users

Get extra processing power quickly when you need operational results faster

Take advantage of specialized storage or file systems to meet your non-stop demand for results and data protection

Avoid interruptions due to migrations or upgrades


Our patented DconE engine is used by companies worldwide

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