The first and only continuous availability solution

Non-Stop Hadoop for Cloudera applies WANdisco’s patented active-active technology to global deployments of Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH). With Non-Stop Hadoop for Cloudera, a single cluster running HBase can be deployed across multiple data centers any distance apart with automatic failover and recovery. So, whether a single server or an entire site goes down CDH is always available.

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uptime guaranteed

for applications running on Hadoop even during upgrades to the Hadoop platform



provides real-time read/write access to the same data at every location, subject to your selective replication policies


hardware utilization

reduces cost and delivers maximum compute power by eliminating idle standby servers

Key features of Non-Stop Hadoop for Cloudera

Non-Stop Hadoop for Cloudera offers features that enable global business continuity and eliminate the need for third-party backup and recovery solutions.

Single Hadoop cluster over a WAN

A single Hadoop cluster guarantees complete synchronization, eliminates single points of failure and enables operation across data centers any distance apart, subject to the selective replication policies you implement.

Seamless integration with Cloudera Manager

Integrates seamlessly with this sophisticated management application, enabling total visibility and control over globally distributed Hadoop and HBase instances from a single location.

Automatic backup, failover and recovery

Provides hot backup with automated failover and recovery to prevent data loss and downtime if a server or entire data center goes offline.

Unlimited performance and scalability

Enables 100% Hadoop uptime for business continuity with unmatched scalability and performance over a WAN across data centers, or LAN within each data center.

Cluster zoning enables support for the most demanding applications without the need for high-cost, high-spec hardware across the entire deployment.

No disruption to applications

Mission-critical applications run flawlessly without any change in behavior. Support for rolling upgrades enables applications to continue running while new versions of Hadoop are being deployed.

Full support for HBase

Builds on Non-Stop Hadoop's multiple active NameNode architecture to support a single HBase instance with multiple active master servers and multiple active region servers for each region.

Unparalleled availability and performance

Unlike other high availability solutions that only work within a single data center over a LAN, Non-Stop Hadoop for Cloudera is optimized for use between data centers thousands of miles apart to deliver global business results.

Gain greater efficiency

One CDH cluster can span geographic locations for better load balancing.

Eliminate manual processes

Clusters are kept continuously in sync without admin intervention.

0% data loss

Failover and recovery are automatic both within and across data centers.

The impact of Non-Stop Hadoop for Cloudera across the enterprise

Non-Stop Hadoop benefits for users

Access the data you need, when you need it

Experience LAN-speed performance with access to the same data at every location.

Use the applications you’re familiar with

No learning curve — work with the same tools and applications you always have.

Non-Stop Hadoop benefits for administrators

Easy installation

Intuitive browser interface makes configuration simple. Multiple sites can be up and running in no time.

100% hardware utilization

There are no passive standby servers. All available servers are active and fully readable and writable at all times, reducing cost and delivering maximum compute power.

Automated features for easy administration
  • Automatic disaster recovery with built-in self-healing capabilities. No administrator intervention required.
  • Automatic synchronization for new data centers, or existing data centers brought back online after an outage.
Centralized administration with Cloudera Manager

All sites can be administered from a single location using Cloudera Manager.

Non-Stop Hadoop benefits for managers

No retraining

No change to Hadoop functionality. Teams continue to use the applications and tools they're familiar with.

Peace of mind

No downtime and data loss with automatic recovery and failover – no human intervention or additional third party backup and recovery solutions required.

Leverage existing investments

Seamlessly integrates with Cloudera Manager – no additional software needed to use with existing deployments.

100% hardware utilization

There are no passive standby servers. All available servers are active and fully readable and writable at all times, reducing cost and delivering maximum compute power.

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