Git MultiSite

WANdisco’s Git MultiSite is the only product that allows widely distributed development teams using Git to work collaboratively despite location and time zone with non-stop availability across the enterprise.

  • Removes single point of failure of a lone Git master repository to deliver 0% downtime, 0% data loss

  • LAN speed with read and write access at every location

  • New repositories can be added on the fly without any downtime

  • Automatic failover and recovery, enabling true 24/7 operation without admin intervention

  • Uses Git protocols, GUIs and other tools that fit your enterprise needs

  • Easy administration and management from a single location.

Additional Git products

Git Access Control

Gain control and protect intellectual property with robust authorization, authentication, access control and audit capabilities.

Compatible with:
  • Git MultiSite
  • Git Clustering

Access Control Plus

Standardize global authorization, authentication and policy enforcement with one solution for hybrid environments using both Subversion and Git.

Compatible with:
  • Git MultiSite
  • SVN MultiSite Plus

Git Clustering

Improve load balancing, enhance scalability and optimize build performance for agile development with software for large, single-location deployments.

Compatible with:
  • Git MultiSite
  • Git Access Control

Download Git

Download complete, fully-tested, WANdisco certified versions of Git based on the most recent, stable release.

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