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CVS Access Control

Complete Access Control and Audit Capabilities for CVS

CVS Access Control provides full authorization, authentication, access control and audit capabilities that go well beyond what CVS provides on its own. Administrators can implement and maintain the most complex security policies with minimal effort. Valuable intellectual property is protected and a complete audit trail is provided, insuring compliance with SOX and other regulatory requirements.

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  • Prevents unauthorized access attempts and alerts security administrators immediately when they occur.
  • Allows access control to be implemented at the CVSROOT, branch, directory or file levels.
  • Access privileges can be assigned at a group level, and inherited by users within the group. Users can be assigned to multiple groups.
  • Client IP addresses can also be used to assign access privileges. This feature can be useful when development work is outsourced and the actual users may be unknown.
  • No retraining is required. Developers use the CVS clients and tools they're familiar with.
  • Extensive audit reports track every user access to the repository, as well as any access violations. The user id, date/time stamp, IP address of the client machine used, command used, and files accessed are provided.
  • When CVS Access Control is implemented with CVS MultiSite, the security configuration is replicated to all sites automatically as are any changes. This insures that access control is enforced consistently across a distributed development organization.

What is CVS?

CVS is an open source version control system that stores and tracks changes made to any type of electronic data, including source code files, web pages, documents, or images. CVS has been available since 1989, and is still widely used today.

Part of a Complete Solution Stack

CVS Access Control can be implemented standalone, or in combination with WANdisco's MultiSite and Clustering solutions for CVS.